The Role of Organic Farming in the Food and Agricultural Industry

It is a fact that the use of pesticides can be harmful to humans when inhaled, ingested, or touched. The effects may take a while to manifest, but they are life-threatening in more ways than one. That is probably why organic agriculture is now becoming a popular choice for growing crops. It is also preferable for the following reasons:

  • It enriches the soil. Through the use of natural fertilisers (manure or vegetable leftovers) and cultivation rotation, the ground would remain healthy and suitable for planting. Compared to buying harmful chemicals, the use of organic mulch, for example, is more cost-effective and less hazardous to the environment.

  • It produces high quality raw materials. Without the chemicals mixed with crops, fruits, and the like, you are assured of eating edible ingredients that is healthy and safe. Some people may prefer biologically engineered food items because of its quick and massive production, but they pose a great risk to your well-being.

  • It helps save the environment. Keep in mind that unnatural insecticides or herbicides can cause pollution when released to the air. They can be likened to the carbon emissions that can come from vehicles or factories, which have negative effects to the atmosphere.

You see, natural farming is beneficial to living things in general. Now, if you want to prepare and consume healthy products grown the organic way, you should get them from AK Meridian Focus Industries Sdn Bhd through this website.