Famous Canadian Restaurants

The nation of Canada contains a plethora of unique and varied peoples, cultures, ideas, and tastes. From this unique mixture, a delicious selection of culinary options has floated to the surface of the sea of Canadian cuisine. There are so many famous Canadian restaurants, that it is difficult to generate a comprehensive list, so when it's time to head out the door for dinner, as long as you have your sweetie, your credit cards, and your appetite, you will not be disappointed or remain hungry for long.

Fortunately, with the myriad culinary options available to diners, one can sample several elements of Canadian cuisine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_cuisine) without exhausting one's established "dining-out" budget, during a particular week. Increasingly, banks are even rewarding customers for eating out; armed with your credit cards, the most difficult decision will be "which regional fare should we enjoy tonight?"

There are many famous Canadian restaurants in most major urban areas, across the second-largest nation on the planet. Whether you are dining in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, or even Moose Jaw, the notable eateries are numerous and varied. Cuisine in many famous Canadian restaurants is largely influenced, at its foundation, by English, Irish, and French culinary traditions, but also by dietary habits of the native populations of both Canada and the United States. Common Canadian staples include sweet corn pancakes and glazed-Canadian bacon for breakfast; potato pierogies or poutine for lunch; a meat-centric dinner featuring elk, deer, or bison; and Nanaimo bars for dessert. Most of these delicious dishes can easily be found at many of Canada's most famous restaurants, and are very reasonably priced, so there will be minimal strain on one's credit cards.

If you don't have to be particularly fiscally responsible this week, perhaps you would like to sample the fare at one of Canada's upscale eateries. There are many restaurants, perforating the Canadian landscape, that have made lists of notoriety for their appealing atmospheres, idyllic locations, and/or internationally-trained chefs who regularly produce world-class dishes. Eating at many of these noteworthy restaurants will necessarily stretch the limits and balances of your credit cards; however, the cuisine is often more global in inspiration, and often prepared by innovative chefs who fancy themselves culinary wizards.

It's time to get out and enjoy the taste of Canada at one of her many famous restaurants.